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Darwen Heritage Half Marathon 


13.1 miles. Sunday 2nd April 2023. 09.30 DACA Darwen BB3 3HB.

To enter please visit

The start of the race will be on a closed road. This will prevent through traffic but residents will still have car access to their properties, so be careful.

Unless instructed otherwise by marshals or signage, run ON THE LEFT.


The start line is the zebra crossing on Redearth Road outsdie Darwen Sainsbury's.

The routes goes up Redearth Road and across the cross roads at Pole Lane. The field will be thinned out by this point and this is the end of the closed road section.

From Watery Lane (1 mile) to A666 and then south along the pavement to Greens Arms Road (3 miles) and the first water station.

Glorious scenic running on quiet roads which is generally downhill to the sharp left in Chapletown (6 miles) and the second water station.

Drop down the hill then climb up the next hill and across the junction in the centre of Edgeworth. Left turn at 8 miles on to a quiet lane and then right at the marshalled junction to Roman Road.

The road undulates but becomes more forgiving by the third water station. From around 10.5 miles, the route is all downhill. If the weather is good, you will be able to see Pendle Hill and Longridge Fell beyond Blackburn. On a very clear day you will see as far Ingleborough and the Lake District.

Past the football fields and left at both mini roundabouts. Keep safe and stay left down Pole Lane and cross to the right where indicated.

Right on to Sough Road and back to the finish line. From the Turncroft Road junction to the finish line is on closed roads.

Finish line is adjacent to the start line.

Darwen half route.png
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