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Beginners' Group

Beginners Group

"This is a free ten week course to help you start running. Our trained run leaders appreciate the concerns you might have about running and joining a group. They have lots of fun ways of helping you progress, feel welcome and enjoy your running.

This group is aimed at those who are completely new to running. Maybe you are wanting to start running short distances at a leisurely pace, or maybe you just want to keep fit."


The next course starts on Wed 31st Jan 2024.


You can register online here 

"We have held this course several times now and some of our 'graduates' fondly refer to it as a life changing experience. At the end of the course most choose to progress to joining our running club to take part in the wide range of activities that we hold.

Currently we are able to offer club membership at half price for all those who attend six beginners sessions and a further four Dashers club nights."


Rick - Beginners' Group Leader 07580 012626

  • "Best thing I ever did & achieved. I'll never, ever look back! X" Louise

  • "The DD beginners group is absolutely ace. So many people getting into running now and loving it and trying for new and exciting challenges. I love taking the groups out. I haven't felt this excited about running for years" Barry

  • "I don't want the beginners course to end, I love it" Vicky.

  • "I never thought I'd do as well as I have it's amazing everyone is great and supportive and all the leaders are amazing answering any questions we have ! Brilliant would recommend it to anyone !!! " Kathryn.

  • "I've enjoyed this so much and can't wait to do more! Can't believe 10 weeks is nearly done already." Amy.

  • "Would definitely recommend this group to anyone considering taking up running. I'm so glad I gave it a go xx" Sarah.

  •  "Cannot recommend this group enough! I went from not being able to run to the end of my road to doing 5k by end if course (just like they say but I didnt believe!) so supportive- nobody ever gets left behind. Thanks Vicky, Alex and James!" Donna.

  • "Brilliant group, highly recommend to beginners! Vicky Alex and James all fantastic encouragers.. leading to achieving what I never thought possible. I love it, I just wasn't getting anywhere running on my own soo glad I joined the group it's been brilliant for motivation. Thanks guys you're all ace!" Lorraine.

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