Aggies Staircase

Sadly our races are currently on hold due to the C19 situation.


Date:Thursday 20th June 2019 7.15pm

Category: AS : 6.4Km, 350m climb

Place:Darwen Leisure Centre. BB3 1PW

 Fee: £5

 Other info: Min age 14 yrs

Route Description

Starting at the top of Punstock Road, the route climbs a footpath, turns right onto the track past Robin Hoods cottage, then left to follow an enclosed footpath to the main track, and left up to Darwen Tower.

It then descends through the small quarry onto the main track towards the top of Bold Venture Park, before turning right to climb steeply up a rough path known as Jacobs Ladder, then across the moor top, and on down to the foot of Aggies Staircase.

Aggies Staircase is the shortest but steepest of the three climbs, and from the top you will return just below the Tower, and then descend the way you first came up towards Sunnyhurst. At the gate at the bottom turn right, retracing your steps; continue past Robin Hoods cottage, then turn left down the path to the finish at the top of Punstock Road

All Darwen Dashers races are held in accordance with FRA safety requirements and rules for competition.Please make sure you are familiar with them.